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Dr. Buscema is a very helpful doctor. He actually cares about his patients. He tries to help you with what it is you need. He seems to actually care. He gets to know you and it’s easy to talk to him. His staff is very friendly and does a great job scheduling, taking phone calls, payments, processing prior authorizations in a very timely manner.


I have been seeing Dr. Buscema for about three months now after a suicide attempt. I have been diagnosed with Major Depression and Social Anxiety/Panic. Everyone is different and medications have to be closely monitored. I was given a med that did not work and right away Dr. B. switched me to something else and it has been like a miracle as I feel much better. He is caring and careful with his treatments. He is my doctor of choice and I am fortunate to have him.  I just wish my community would be aware of this great resource we have available to us. Mental Health for many has deteriorated for so many people due to losing jobs and the condition of our overall economy. Thumbs up to Dr. Charles Buscema!


I have been through other drug rehab and detox programs. This is a doctor’s office with individual care and it has worked for me. I have been off opiates for two years.


Dr B is such a nice guy, let me start out saying. he listens to my problems ,ask how iv been doing, I’m an ex heroin addict so i receive suboxone maintenance from him, he’s very caring, and monitors my urine so I’m taking my medication, n not taking other drugs to boot. he’s a life save since i got down to florida, warm kind guy. He also manages my sever social anxiety with a great long last anti anxiety med that does wonders for my constant worries. over all i love my sessions with doc B, he listens, cares, and provides correct, and more than adequate healthcare, medication wise, and psychologically. gentle, caring doc who listens and helps you, what else can you ask for?


I have made several positive changes in my life since receiving treatment with Dr. Buscema. My physical health, self-esteem and confidence levels have improved greatly. He is helping me to discover life without drugs.


Dr. B is extremely skilled at treating drug addiction. I have referred many friends who were also using. My life is on the right track and I am appreciative to have found him.