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How Can Anxiety Affect My Recovery?

At Addiction Alternatives we have seen time and time again the difficulty to separate mental health and substance abuse disorder as they often go hand in hand. More often than not, the two seem to feed off of each other. More than 50% of addicts suffering from substance abuse have what we consider the dual diagnosis. We also refer to this as a co-occurring disorder where both disorders are present simultaneously.

There is no cut and dry single type of dual diagnosis. At Addiction Alternatives, Dr. Buscema often sees a variety of substance abuse disorders accompanied by a wide range of mental health disorders. Each case presents a unique set of side effects making this diagnosis difficult to treat and diagnose.

When addressing anxiety is important to understand exactly what it is. The term anxiety is referred to the normal stress reaction that can be beneficial in certain situations. Anxiety disorders, however, are completely different from the normal feelings of nervousness and stress. This response is often inappropriate and can be expressed as fear or anxiety. Normal anxiety goes away fairly quickly whereas anxiety disorders tend to not go away and can become worse over time.

Quick Facts:

This type of anxiety often interferes with activities of daily living such as work, school, and relationships. A few types of anxiety are as follows: generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and separation anxiety disorder.

If you suffer from both anxiety disorder as well as substance abuse disorder, it is important to find a treatment center such as Addiction Alternatives that follows an integrated care model. With our hands-on program, you will finally have the opportunity to get to the root of your pain and find ways to cope. When both conditions are addressed simultaneously, it has been shown to have more promising outcomes.

If you are one of the many who suffers from anxiety and substance abuse disorder, you may not understand how the two interact, but we can guarantee you understand how it feels. The best way we can describe it is tension, stress, worries, and feelings of restlessness creeping into your day; sometimes this feeling may be present when you first wake up. You constantly try to go about your life but your anxiety continues to consume you. Frequently, this is where drugs and alcohol begin to take over as a means to self-medicate to get the thoughts to stop. Unfortunately, this is when you fall into the vicious cycle of dual-diagnosis once again.

Dual-diagnosed anxiety can completely destroy the best intentions for a sober life. Don’t let your untreated medical condition stand in your way of a sober life. Entering a recovery program that teaches you about what you suffer from as well as offering you support and motivation to make changes in your life is important. Reach out to Addiction Alternatives who treated both substance abuse disorder and co-occurring disorders, you owe it to not only yourself but your loved ones.

If you, or someone you know, needs help with their substance abuse disorder or dually diagnosed disorder, don’t hesitate to contact us. Addiction Alternatives is here for you. At Addiction Alternatives we use an integrated treatment approach to treat both substance abuse disorder and co-occurring disorders. Each disorder needs its own treatment plan and our one-on-one support and family sessions help identify and treat patients.