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Proven Opiate Treatment for Florida Residents

Opiate addiction is a significant problems that affects many thousands of people. Often, addition occurs after opiates have been taken for perfectly legitimate reasons; perhaps they’ve been prescribed after surgery, or for chronic pain. Unfortunately, when used long-term, these drugs can become physically and mentally addictive, with patients suffering all sorts of unpleasant withdrawal effects when they begin to cut-down on their dosage. If this describes your circumstances, we can help.

Opiate Addiction Treatment on an Out-Patient Basis

Many of our patients hold down responsible jobs or have other commitments that mean a stay in a residential detox facility just isn’t an option. We offer a full out-patient service, offering each patient a combination of carefully controlled opiate detox, as well as counseling that helps them to develop the coping strategies needed to remain drug free. Usually our patients take Suboxone, a drug that’s widely recognized as a suitable replacement for opiates during the detox process.

Opiate Withdrawal and On-Going Maintenance

In addition to the initial treatment required to switch from opiates to Suboxone, we also offer family counseling as well as on-going review. This helps patients to enjoy a supportive environment at home, minimizing the risk of unhealthy relationships or conflicts sabotaging the success of the opiate withdrawal. Our skilled team provides a tailored service, that’s adapted to meet the individual needs of each patient. Even if you’ve failed to remain opiate free previously, we can still offer the hope of a treatment program that may work for you.

Florida Based Opiate Withdrawal Treatment

Our clinic is staffed by professional medical personnel with particular experience in addiction issues. We understand the importance of tackling the physical and mental aspects of the problem, giving every patient the tools they need to commit to a long-term recovery. If you, or someone you care about, are suffering from an opiate addiction, we’re here for you. Call us at (772) 618-0505 to find out more or book an appointment.

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