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Suboxone Addiction and Treatment

The FDA approved Suboxone for the treatment of opiate addiction, the Daily Beast reports. That’s because Suboxone presents lower risks of abuse. If you think your loved one is in danger of abusing the drug and overdosing on it, though, here are a few symptoms to watch out for.

Symptoms of Suboxone overdose

Check his pupils. Does he have pinpoint pupils? Is he experiencing extreme drowsiness? Does he suffer from blurry vision and dizziness? If your loved one’s breathing show signs of slowing down, don’t wait it out. Get help right away. If the symptoms persist, it could lead to collapse, breathing problems, and death.

Explore treatment options

Patients who suffer from psychological problems or an inability to deal with problems and stressful situations may resort to the use of this substance. One way to stop the addiction is to look for treatment options that are right for your loved one. This will include outpatient therapy, residential treatment programs, a combination of the two and even group sessions and one-on-one sessions. You can decide from the options of best facilities near me to bring him back to normalcy. Discuss these options to make sure he knows about them. That should help your loved one make an informed decision about where to seek out Suboxone treatment in Florida.

Understand why

Don’t judge your loved one for the choices he made. That’s not going to help him achieve a successful recovery. Instead, read about the addiction. Know what your loved one is dealing with. That’s going to improve your perspective on things and make you more likely to offer help and support without any bitterness or hurt.

Relapses are a part of it

Relapses are a normal part of the process. Don’t give up on your loved one because of a relapse or two. Continue to offer your support. That’s going to drive your loved one to work harder towards recovery.

Don’t make comparisons

Everyone’s journey to recovery is different. Someone may only take months or a year. Someone may take years. There’s no manual to getting there. That’s why it’s never a good idea to compare your loved one’s rate of progress with someone else’s. Instead, focus on your loved one’s recovery—on his small triumphs and successes. That’s going to contribute to his desire to get sober.

Look for help

If you need Suboxone treatment in Florida, don’t look any further than Addiction Alternatives. Check out the options we offer to help you find the treatment and facility that’s going to work for your loved one.